Saturday, July 10, 2010

One funny incident from my childhood

When I dig into my childhood I find so many stupid and funny incidents. I will share one of those in this post. When I was in class I, I did a very stupid thing which I consider one of the craziest things I have done in my life. The teacher was taking a class and in the middle of the class I felt to got to the toilet for pee. I stood up and asked the teacher to let me go to the toilet. He didn't allow me and asked me to keep quite. After 5 minutes I again asked him to allow me to go to the toilet. He was angry and told me if I ask him again for it he will beat me. Suddenly I got angry and all of a sudden I unzip my pant and started peeing in the classroom. All the students were watching me and was surprised. The teacher was so embarrassed that he left the classroom immediately. I didn't realized that mistake I did. Headmaster called me and beat me with a stick. The news spread like anything hence when I come back to my house I was beaten another round by my mother. Next day when I went to the school I was really ashamed and could not stare at the teacher. It took me few days to become normal. But I noticed after that whenever none of the students faced any difficulties of going to the toilet during the class.
When I was in my college I went to my school and the very teacher remind me the same incident and we were laughing to my stupidity :).